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A Book on the Self by our Faculty Member Özden Özkaya: ''The Construction of the Ego''

A Book on the Self by our Faculty Member Özden Özkaya: ''The Construction of the Ego''
The first book of Dr. Özden Özkaya Demirhan, one of the faculty members of our university, titled "The Construction of Ego" met with the readers.

Philosophy Department faculty member Dr. Özden Özkaya Demirhan's book "The Construction of the Ego Published by Ketebe Publications. The book, which looks at today's human self-consciousness from a philosophical perspective, takes its readers on a thought-oriented journey that begins with the question "If I am the basis of understanding everything, then what am I?". 

In this book, Prof. Dr. Özden Özkaya Demirhan examines the evolution of the concept of autos in early antiquity. While addressing the issue of ego in a wide range from Homer's epics to the complex thoughts of the Hellenistic period, she explores the paths followed by philosophers and thinkers such as Socrates, Augustine, Plato and Descartes in understanding the essence of human beings.

What Is The Self? Which Conditions Must A Person Fulfill In Order to "Be Himself"?

Every human being is aware that they exist, but they need consciousness to say "I exist". Being oneself is a three-stage process of realizing oneself, becoming conscious of oneself and attaining self-knowledge. The ego, on the other hand, refers to the intelligent being that always thinks methodically. What is important in the concept of ego is the understanding of a whole existence through oneself, whereas what emerges when it comes to the self is that the human being sees himself as the agent of his cognitive faculties.

You can purchase this work, which reveals the efforts of human beings to understand themselves and their essence from Antiquity to the New Age in a perspective extending from Antiquity to the present day, from selected bookstores and online sales sites.